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Iphone XS review

A true review the iphone xs is the same as the iphone x there are a few changes but still it is identical to iphone x previous generation .As a iphone it has a premium look you are paying 1000 dollar it faster than the previous generation. the glass back makes the phone look more glossy and you get wireless charging. The new bionic chip makes it more faster than before and the face id is also improved and now it is faster than before and it has the strongest glass ever used in phones display still you need a case because the glass at the back is not that strong it has the same screen size as the previous iphone x and is better than the iphone xr. it has 30 min more battery than iphone x.


The Iphone s has some problems that one should know some recent reports have people complaining about there iphone s not charging even when it plugged in they need to unlock there phone to charge it the other complaint that people are facing that is the auto beauty that applied on all photos that you take with the 7mp front facing camera the photos make your skin more smooth and you will look like that you are wearing makeup it is very expensive as always. It costs a large buck 1000 dollar in USA and it is even more in Asian markets it starts at 1300 dollar and 256 gb version costs around 1500 dollar it a very good flagship.

Iphone XS review

What makes it different

It is exactly same as the iphone 10 old there are some minor changes.

It has 30min more battery life than iphone x.

It has a new bionic chip set 12 better than 11.

The huge change is that you can now have 2 Sims in your favourite iphone.

The face id is also improved and it is faster than before and more secure .

Should you buy it or not

My final thoughts are you should buy it if you are low on budget you can buy this although it is not that different from the previous generation still it is a very good phone is a little bit faster due to the new bionic chip 12 and it far more better than iphone r and if you can wait for some time you should collect more money and buy the iphone x max . If you are not in hurry You should wait a little bit so that apple can solve the charging problem other than that it is master piece it.
If you want a iphone powerful and with a small display it is iphone for you.

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