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Apple iPhone XR, XS Max, and XS launched

Good news for iphone lover Apple has launched 3 models that is XS, XR, and XS Max.According to Above Avalon’s Neil Cybart, the iPhone XS Max (or Plus?) with 6.5-inch OLED display is expected to cost $1,099 – the highest premium Apple will charge to date for an iPhone. The iPhone XS, on the other hand, is expected to cost between $899 and $999, however, the most suited pricing that has found a consensus is $949. The ‘affordable’ and cheapest of the lot will be the iPhone XR, as it is being referred to presently. It is expected to be priced at around $649, according to Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall. However, Hall predicts that Apple will charge around $849 for this model to boost its sales.

In India, the iPhone X was launched at Rs 89,000 as the MRP for the base variant. If these predictions are anything to believe, the iPhone XS Max, which will be the high-end iPhone model this year, could cost close to Rs 80,000, exclusive of taxes and duties. With the looming disparity in the mutual exchange price of US Dollar and Indian Rupee, the pricing is further expected to spike. To cut a long story short, the iPhone XS Max could cost around Rs 1,00,000 in India for the base variant.

Apple iPhone XR, XS Max, and XS launched

Coming to the iPhone XR, which will be priced between $699 and $749, could be priced strategically at a point that is not too far from the OnePlus 6 and Samsung Galaxy S9. It will be the most affordable iPhone that will be launched this year, which means you may have to miss out on a lot of features that its bigger siblings will positively tout. The first such compromise will be the display – while the iPhone XS and XS Max will pack an OLED display, the iPhone XR is poised to bear an LCD display. Apple will take the wraps off everything tomorrow at its ‘Gather round’ event. Stay tuned.

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