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Apple best phone price raised.

Two years ago, a brand-new flagship Apple smartphone started at $650. Now the compromised version of Apple's vision will set you back $750. Even though the Xr will likely be more than enough iPhone for most customers, the iPhone X proved that there are loads of people out there willing to pay $999 and up for a truly premium device.

And this year, those with lots of money have even more opportunity to spend: The iPhone Xs Max starts at $1,099 and goes up to an insane $1,449 with 512GB of storage. In 2016, the top-of-the-line iPhone 7 Plus with 256GB of storage cost $929. Apple has not only raised the cost of a flagship device but also expanded the pricing window for its highest-end phones by more than $500.

Apple best phone price raised.

That's pretty remarkable, and it'll help keep Apple's revenues growing even if iPhone sales don't increase in terms of pure numbers. In fact, it's already working: The iPhone's average selling price increased to $724 in the past quarter, up from only $606 the year before. Now Apple is in an even better position to keep that number moving up. That's great for investors but not so much for customers, who now have to spend at least $1,000 for Apple's latest and greatest. Or $750 to get a taste of what the best iPhone is like.

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